21 February 2003


At this time of huge upheaval and change for us as a family, it is good to be reminded of the deep roots that don't change. The deepest root of all is God, of course, from whom we come, to whom we go, and his love for us in Jesus and his gift of the Holy Spirit to help us pray and help us to grow up into the life of Jesus.

But God always comes to us in the lives and words of real human beings in real places. So part of the roots of anyone's Christian life wiill be the people and places that have made God real. For me, All Saints has been such a place, such a community of people, for over forty years. Almost all that I have learned as a Christian has grown out of what I was given here.

A few years ago, at the funeral of our beloved Canon Eddie Hughes, someone who had sung with me in the choir when we were teenagers said to me, 'I hope our children will have someone who'll do for them what he did for us'. I can say that of the whole community as well: I hope that a new generation will find - is finding - in this church what I and so many others found: joyful and beautiful worship, challenging and deep instruction, inspiration, friendship, a realisation that what happens in this building has everything to do with the life you lead outside and has the resources to change human beings.

I shall be remembering All Saints in my prayers regularly, with the greatest gratitude. I hope and pray that you will go on growing in faith and witness and will make God real for a new generation.


With my fondest love and every blessing.


Rowan Cantuar.


Lambeth Palace, London SE1 7JU


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